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Do you find yourself gripped with fear before a performance, exam or driving test?

Are you a musician, singer, actor, athlete, or a student about to take an exam or driving test?
Any of these true for you?

  • I am confident of my ability, but under pressure I struggle, I feel anxious, sick, fearful and my muscles get tense and tight.
  • The fear of failure, being judged and not feeling good enough often sabotages my performance, my mind goes blank and sometimes I start to shake physically.
  • I work really hard and am good at what I do, but my critical inner voice often destroys my confidence.
  • I worry about letting myself and others down and I feel the pressure of a great opportunity and having to prove myself.

What if there was a simple technique that could free you from your fears instantly. Would you try it?

“Sean’s manner of working with others and his belief in them helps to improve their self-esteem as well as confidence. I highly recommend Sean to anyone who wishes to learn more about the support strategies he offers. He will do his utmost to help you unlock problems and move forward with your wellbeing.”

Natalie Chyba Deputy Principal  Howell’s School

The Problem

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When an artist is about to perform, or a student is taking an exam, often their biggest challenge is dealing with the emotional pressure of the occasion. Their minds are flooded with worry which triggers the body’s fight or flight system – feeling sick, dry mouth, muddled thinking, tense tight muscles, possibly shaking.
Conventional ways of dealing with stress include trying to keep a positive attitude, eating well, more practise, trying to sleep, developing good study habits and exercise.
All of the above can make a difference, but when someone is feeling anxious and their nerves turn to fear it can cause problems.

“I suffered for many years from stage fright and tried a number of techniques that just didn’t help. I often dreaded playing and used beta-blockers to get me through performances. Following a number of sessions of E.F.T. with Sean, I now look forward to playing and I am finally free to enjoy the job I love.”Jane Sinclair premier 2nd violin B.B.C National Orchestra for Wales

The Solution

I use a remarkable new energy therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It may sound a little New Age but it can be used to reduce and even eliminate self doubt and anxiety. EFT or tapping is a form of acupuncture but, instead of using needles, we tap on the well established meridian points on the body. When someone is feeling anxious, their nervous system is firing off. EFT can be used to focus on the negative emotion and clear it instantly, leaving the student /athlete/ performer feeling calm, relaxed and able to focus. Here are some of the positive benefits people I have worked with have experienced following just one session of EFT:

  • A peaceful night’s sleep
  • Feelings of overwhelm and dread cleared
  • Relief from physical symptoms of stress (muscle tension in chest, shoulders, neck, hands, stomach etc)
  • Appetite restored
  • Clear head, free from worry
  • A Dramatic shift in performance

EFT is certainly a different approach, and perhaps that’s why it sometimes may be difficult to take seriously. However, people often experience a dramatic shift in the way they feel when they elect to try it. The technique is simple, safe, powerful and can be used subtly just when you need it. Also, you don’t have to believe in it for it to work!

It may seem like I am writing this from my New Age Tepee on top of a mountain, but I am sure that, in the near future, EFT will be the main technique used by students/players/athletes for performance excellence. A simple technique that can erase negative emotions like self doubt and anxiety, give you Instant freedom from stress and can be used subtly just when you need it must be worth a try.

How can I speak with such certainty? Because I have been fortunate enough to have transformed many performers lives. I understand the problem and have the solution. The only question is if you are someone who struggles under pressure, are you open minded enough to try it now?

If you feel as though you need help to free you from the stress and worry of competing/performing or preparing for exams, contact me for a free initial consultation by phone on: 07818851643 or email

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose but your fears!

“EFT has worked its magic again, thanks Sean I am beginning to feel there are no limits to what I can achieve!” Niall Keegan Welsh under 18 Tennis no 1 and Masters Champion

“I had an overwhelming fear of failure and feeling of dread as my ‘A’ levels approached. Following a number of sessions of EFT with Sean I was able to keep calm, plan my work, absorb the information and view the exam as a challenge and not a threat.”

Ryan  2nd year accountancy student at Cardiff University.