New Year’s Resolution . . . Oh stick a cork in it!

New Year, New Me . . ? Probably Not!

It’s that time of the year again, when many of us are hoping to create a healthier life with a greater sense of well being.

Two weeks into January it’s becoming a strain, by the end of the month it’s all over for 90% of us . . . the only ones to benefit are the carpets on the treadmills!

What stops you from getting from you where you are, to where you want to be?

This may be painful, but listen up . . .  the main culprit is you and that smug self- sabotage that has won yet another battle – in cruise control!

The Untouchables

Our subconscious programming often runs our life and we often get in our own way. When we try to think positively and rely on willpower and determination to achieve our goals, they are often no match for the destructive power of the voice of the inner critic.

For example you may say to yourself, “I am going to exercise three times a week,” as you say this a little voice says; “Who are you trying to kid, you’ve tried this before and failed.” Or, you want to give up smoking and eat healthier. You’re fine for a few days until you have those cravings and hear that voice tempting you with; “Go on just have that one cigarette,” or, “one slice of cake won’t hurt.”

You try and be positive, but the real power is in that negative voice . . . ever ready to spoil the party!

A revolutionary approach to personal change

It was Natasha’s last day working at Real Radio. Tash was addicted to chocolate and as a surprise, the presenters of the breakfast show invited me in to do an EFT session with her.

Live on air we tested her cravings with her favourite chocolate- a Terry’s chocolate orange -by asking her on a scale of 1-10 how much she would like to eat it. She said; “It’s a 10, I could easily eat that now and more”

We then went off air and tapped on her cravings for about 20 minutes and returned to the show. The presenters tested Natasha again with the egg plus a tray full of chocolate. She said, “I can’t believe this it’s a 0, I don’t want any chocolate now.”

Utilising the subtle power of EFT in a simple three step process, in a few minutes we were able to eliminate Natasha’s cravings . . . think what this can do for you?

Three-Step Process

1. Identifying the problem: Self-sabotage, fears, limiting beliefs

 2. Clear the disruption: Using EFT to neutralise the bodies fight or flight reaction to stress/trauma

 3. Re-programme: Once the disruption has been cleared, the mind is free to accept positive reframes

New Year, New me . . . maybe?

These three simple steps can help bridge the gap when you begin to falter, the self- sabotage that has always had its way is suddenly challenged with a simple process that can silence that destructive voice.

EFT is ideal for someone trying to make positive change in their life, because it can be used to address all of the underlying emotional / physical reasons that often sabotage our best efforts.

Alongside taming the voice of the inner critic here are some other ways that the three step process can be used to help you achieve long lasting positive change as you go into the New Year;

Stress management: Tapping helps reduce the everyday stress that causes people to reach out for food, cigarettes, chocolate, soft drinks, alcohol, coffee etc to tranquilize feelings of anxiety

Cravings: EFT is a powerful tool for overcoming immediate cravings

Withdrawal symptoms: EFT can be use to neutralize the uncomfortable physical feelings as well as deal with the anxious anticipation of them

Secondary Gain: In my experience, people will always find a reason not to want to let go of a destructive habit/belief. They are often unaware of the power of this deep rooted feeling. Until it is released however it is unlikely you will be able to move on.

Over to you. What have been your experiences with your New Year Resolutions? What do you feel has been getting in the way? Have you been successful, achieved your goals and would like to share with us how you did it? I welcome your feedback, maybe leave a comment. If you would like speak in confidence please contact me on:

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