How to access The Zone . . . at will!

This I’m sure may seem a too good to be true statement


If this is possible there would be a line of people knocking my door down . . .

However, what if is true and I can help you access that elusive state when the mind and body come together, at will . . . would you join the line at my door?

The Zone

Is denoted as the pinnacle of achievement for an athlete or performer. Characterised as a state in which an athlete performs to the best of their ability. It is magical and a special place where performance is exceptional and consistent, automatic and flowing. An athlete is able to ignore all of the pressures and let their body deliver the performance that has been learned so well. Competition is fun and exciting

Some of the ways performers describe being in the zone are:

  • ‘I felt that anything was possible’
  • ‘I wasn’t really thinking about anything but I knew exactly what I was doing’
  • ‘I felt so powerful’

The zone can also be described as an ideal performance state (IPS) the conditions conducive  to optimal performance are the feelings of being mentally alert, physically relaxed, confident and optimistic with a general positive outlook. Focused on the present, highly energised, in control and free of fear or anxiety.

The quest for the ideal performance state however can be frustrating as it may happen rarely and not last for long. Also it is seen as a state of being outside of the performer’s natural mind/body state.

The elephant in the room

Performance = Potential – Interference

If a performer plays to their potential they can experience those feelings of being in the zone. How often do you play to your potential?

If the answer to this is not often it is probably due to interference (distraction and muscle tension) This interference is what’s going on internally, your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs. The negative emotion is the elephant in the room – ever tried to shift an elephant?

Examples of interference are:

  • being conscious of what other people think
  • Negative self talk
  • Past negative experiences
  • Focusing on the outcome
  • Over analysing

 Here is the good news

From an EFT perspective the zone is your natural state of being and the interference can be cleared by using EFT.

Free from the destructive power of negative emotion and muscle tension, is it easier to access the ideal performance state. Consistently achieving a peak performance is now in your control.

Tennis champion

A talented young tennis player, Niall Keegan, I worked with was concerned about an up and coming tennis match against a boy who was renowned for cheating, he was also a strong aggressive player that could be very intimidating.

They were the same rating, had played a number of times, but Niall always found him difficult to beat.

We initially focused on the most powerful negative emotion, being worried and distracted by his cheating scaled 8 out of 10. If Niall played without addressing this, in my experience, regardless of how much time he spent practising on court, his opponent would always have the advantage.

Following a few rounds of tapping Niall became less concerned about his opponent (the scale had dropped to 5 and then a 2). Feeling calmer, he was able to see things differently and reflect on how sad it was that this player needed to cheat to get an advantage. He was now able to focus on playing his own game- what he could control!

He played the boy the next day and won easily 6-2, 6-2.

Niall was the former Welsh under 18’s number one tennis player.

How to access the zone

Niall was initially distracted by the reputation of a player, by using EFT to free him from that emotional interference he was able to play to his potential.

At the beginning of our session as well as talking about any negative feelings he would have about playing an opponent, we would also discuss what his strengths were and how he would like to play. When we took the charge out of the negative emotion and his mind was clearer and ready to accept the positive, Niall was able to play freely, with confidence.

If you are a musician, singer, sportsman or women who is frustrated at not being able to consistently perform to your potential and you feel the interference is holding you back. Just reflect for a moment on those times when you have struggled. What was going through your mind? Can you feel the tension in your body? This is the internal interference that can be cleared by tapping. I welcome your feedback, have you found a way to access the zone, leave a comment.

Also, if you would like to know more about how I can help you achieve your potential and shift the elephant,
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Give it a try you have nothing to lose but your fears!

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