How I can help Andy Murray win Wimbledon . . .


The contenders for the post

Ivan Lendl (winner of eight Grand Slams and held the number one spot in the world for a record 270 weeks) v Sean Grey (the best player in his street – when his mum wasn’t home!)

I know it’s no contest – but don’t dismiss Ivan too easily!

Ivan Lendl of course has done an amazing job helping Andy Murray win his first Grand Slam (US Open) and just now at Queens Club. This could be the year he wins Wimbledon!

Why would they take time to break stride and listen to me?

In the present world of phenomenal wealth and huge back up teams for sports men. What can someone, who’s early experiences of playing tennis were on courts, where the only way to adjust the net was with a wire cutter, bring to the table?

A Magic Ingredient

I’m not suggesting, however, taking Ivan’s place – the only way that may happen is on Xbox. What can I add to the mix is a magic ingredient that all sportsmen desire: the ability to play without fear under pressure.

The combination of Andy’s natural talent, the incredible work he has put in over the years, Ivan’s invaluable input, mixed with a little magic the result:

“Lets welcome the first British winner of Wimbledon since Fred Perry in 1936 Andy Murray!”

 How does the magic work?

In top class sport, especially in the final of a tournament there is often nothing between the players. They tend to cancel each other out, superb athletes with highly tuned skills with a great defence and offense.

However if you reflect on any major final you may have watched over the years (football, rugby or tennis). There are always moments where a player has an opportunity to take advantage. In football a striker may find himself in space in front of goal. In rugby there may be an overlap, what happens next can decide who takes the trophy home.

In tennis that moment will always come i.e. on break point a short second serve, or short ball in a rally. These points are crucial and the one with the big heart who steps up and drills the shot will often win the match.

When that moment arrives, the player doesn’t have to do anything special, they just have to keep a cool head and just play the shot they could do in their sleep. The problem is at that moment some players act like they are asleep!

The moment, occasion is often too much. They fatally start to think about what they are doing and the opportunity passes- sometimes never to return- the momentum changes and they are left contemplating throwing their losers medal into the river.

eft-tapping-diagram4This is the gift I can give to players when that opportunity arrives

The ability to stay in the moment, trust themselves, play that shot relaxed, loose, sharp and explosive.

Is that it? Is that all you’ve got?

Well ask any elite sportsman how they would like to feel, when the moment arrives that will determine their destiny. I suggest if such a tool was available that could help them achieve their dreams, there may be a queue outside my door- or maybe a number of private jets making their way to Cardiff Airport!

The technique I use EFT ‘Tapping’ seems like magic because it can erase negative thinking, eliminate any negative triggers and allow the player’s game to flow.

It can be used before play to help produce the Ideal Performance State (IPS).   During changeovers and between points players can subtly ‘tap’ to help keep their focus and stay calm. Crucially, when the opportunity presents itself they will be ready to step in and calmly crush the ball. When the match is over, it will help them be prepared for the real test-climbing up to the player’s box before they pick up the trophy.

At any point in the match, be it the first point or match point champions are able to step up and be brave enough to hit the shot that needs to be hit, that elusive ability to play without fear – that’s what I have to offer!

So, just a final point: Andy’s team is massive, I don’t particularly want to be in the box shouting “Come on Andy” but when he wins and I am part of that team, I wouldn’t mind someone paying my car park fee!

If you would like to learn to how to  play without fear contact me now at: for a free 15 minute consultation

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