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Sessions can be held in person or by telephone/skype. Sean is also available to give talks/workshops.

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  1. Elize says:

    Hi Sean

    My daughter (18 years old) have non-epileptic psychogenic seizure disorder and she is allergic to most medication. She goes into status epileptic often and is then hospitalised for weeks at a time.

    Do you think we can try EFT on her? What will it do to the impulses to her brain? She has very tin Myelin sleeves around her neurons.


  2. Cliona says:

    Hi Sean, This is a bit short notice, and I’ll understand if you’re busy.
    I have a presentation on Wed at Cardiff university and I’ve been getting hypnosis to help me through it but it doesn’t seem to be working to calm the fight or flight nerves.
    I trained in EFT IN Dec but working on my self does not seem to be working either.
    Is there any way you can help?
    With best wishes


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