How to halt a meltdown under pressure, dead in its tracks . . .

Tame the gatekeeper! Sabine Lisicki had played brilliant tennis for two weeks and was ready for her finest moment. On the way to the final her big serve and ferocious forehand had seen off the likes of Serena Williams, she was in the form of her life, super fit and ready to claim one of tennis’s Read more [...]

How I can help Andy Murray win Wimbledon . . .

    The contenders for the post Ivan Lendl (winner of eight Grand Slams and held the number one spot in the world for a record 270 weeks) v Sean Grey (the best player in his street – when his mum wasn’t home!) I know it’s no contest – but don’t dismiss Ivan too easily! Ivan Lendl Read more [...]

The secret to Lee Westwood winning a major . . . is me!

Well that’s some statement . . . but what if it’s true? As the 2016 Masters approach, if Lee Westwood is a good enough player to win a major but has found it a challenge to play his best just when he needs to, the problem is often in the mental side of the game. Now this of course is common Read more [...]

Is there finally a cure for yips?

'Yips' The silent destroyer of many a professional sportsman’s career ‘Yips’ is a weird almost comical sounding word, but for those sportsmen that are unfortunate enough to suffer with this debilitating condition, their life can be a living hell! What is it? How does it affect a player? Is Read more [...]

Is this the most powerful video on Youtube?

'Gangnam Style' Of course this is a big call. Firstly, how do you measure the power of a video? Is it by the way it inspires you? Maybe makes you laugh, cringe or cry? For most people, the duration of our reaction and the lasting effect it has on us tends to be very similar. We watch 'Gangnam Style'. Read more [...]