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‘My name is Jane Sinclair and I play the violin professionally for The B.B.C National Orchestra of Wales. I sit Assistant Principal 2nd violin – a seat where you wouldn’t normally expect to have to play solos – certainly not ones so exposed that out of approximately ninety players you’re the only one playing.

This is exactly what happened to me about two weeks ago when I opened the first page of a piece of music by a Japanese composer I had to start and finish the movement on my own very quietly – enough to give any one of those players an attack of nerves/stage fright.

I was introduced to E.F.T. by Sean about a year ago and have used it a number of times with amazing results, so I decided to use it on this occasion.

When I got on stage I found I was actually looking forward to the performance and when it came to it I was totally focused and almost in an hypnotic trance- so much so that I didn’t notice people clapping at the end of the movement – a thing not normally done until the end of the piece.

E.F.T. and especially that experience has changed my professional life and therefore enhanced and had a knock on effect on the rest of it. I will always be grateful to Sean for introducing me to it.’

Sean has really helped me in becoming more confident performing. Confidence can make or break a performance, I have always suffered with pre-performance nerves that sometimes used to effect me, not now! After two sessions with Sean I have seen a huge difference. The beauty of EFT is you can do it yourself before your sing. I have recommended lots of performers to Sean because this is a great, safe and feel good remedy to a very common problem.

Georgina Jones Singer


‘When I first worked with Sean I was a little sceptical about EFT. I felt I was mentally quite strong as a player, but still keen to try it.

Over the last few months I have been amazed at the way EFT has helped me play some wonderful tennis. Before a match, Sean and I discuss any negative thoughts that I feel might distract me from playing my best e.g. the fear of loosing or fear of letting others down. We also address some limiting beliefs I might have about beating a particular player.

We then use EFT to take the ‘sting’ out of the negative thinking and focus on how I would like to play. In a short time the negative emotions are erased and I find my head is clear, I feel confident to go out, trust my game plan and enjoy myself

Using EFT has made me even stronger mentally. It’s reassuring to know that if I feel there are any barriers appearing before a match, I can just blown them away. EFT allows me to focus on whatever it takes to play my best tennis . I am beginning to feel, there are no limits to what I can achieve’

Niall Keegan age 16 Welsh Champion under 18 singles & doubles



‘I have always been interested in what it takes to be the best in golf. It is the same in any sport; the most successful players always talk about the importance of being mentally tough.

So when Sean introduced himself as someone who specialised in using Emotional Freedom Technique to help elite athletes/players deal with the emotional pressure of competition I was open minded and prepared to try it.

EFT utilises the conventional ways of developing mental toughness, visualisation, mental rehearsal and positive affirmations, but its real strength is in addressing the negative, self defeating thoughts that can often sabotage a performance.

My personal gain from using EFT is two fold: Firstly, I feel I have become a better teacher. Learning the technical side of golf is of course essential. However, to be able to play your shots under pressure requires the ability to keep calm, stay in the moment and play each shot as well as you can. I feel I have a greater understanding of how I can help my pupils achieve this.

Secondly, my own performance has improved. Before working with Sean I didn’t address the negative side of my game. Partially because golfers don’t like to admit the have the negative self-destructive side to their play. It has been a bit if a revelation, because by using EFT to take the power out of the negative emotion, I’ve been able to identify the key areas I need to improve. My thought process is more relaxed, I have a clearer focus on what I need to do and I feel I am getting the right balance to play my best golf consistently

Finally I am enjoying playing competitive golf a lot more’

Simon Swales – Golf professional – Radyr golf club

‘My game began to fall apart, I was unable to hit off the tee. As a result I began to dread playing because I would have to stand on the first tee with players watching as I hacked my tee shot. I spent quite a lot of money going to different professionals and following their advice and practising what they advised, but my problems on the tee just seemed to get worse.

I was really surprised, I had tried everything else and nothing seemed to work. After an EFT session with Sean I started to hit the ball straight because I was so relaxed. It was really amazing for me. I had not told any of my friends, but they did notice a difference- it was the best I had got around the course in a long, long time.’

Jamie Singer (16 Handicap)- as featured in the Western Mail


I have had a number of sessions with Sean to date and can honestly say that EFT has made a world of difference to my game. Its not really about knocking shots off my score (though that is an added benefit) its about being better able to deal with the stresses and strains on the mental side of the game

Negativity and self defeating thoughts are all things golfers know all too much about and EFT gives you a simple and quick way to deal with that side of the game

They say golf is a game about the 4″ between the ears, and EFT and Sean has certainly helped me with my concentration focus and ability to handle pressure.

3 and half foot putt? Downhill? Breaking left to right? No problem!

Give it a try – you won’t regret it!

Tony Dowling – Member St Pierre Golf and country club (16 handicap)


Sean is a friendly, genuine, caring professional who has worked in partnership with Howell’s School, Llandaff for several years. Mental health is a growing concern in schools and reaching out to young people with practical strategies has become more and more of a priority.

With a growing awareness of the impact on young people of feeling stressed, panicky or overwhelmed,  we have extended our outreach to include specialists who can offer quality, meaningful strategies to manage difficult time. This led to our relationship with Sean.


We have found Sean to be a most supportive and effective professional who has made a recognisable difference to the way some of our students now manage their lives. In particular, he has worked with KS4 and KS5 learners who have been struggling to deal with the pressures of taking GCSE, AS and A2 examinations. He has offered both individual and group support tailoring his provision to the needs of the students and the situation. The most common scenarios have been those where learners have felt overwhelmed by anxiety, perfectionism, panic attacks and delaying or avoiding work and study. He was most successful with his tapping technique, giving students a specific focus to help them manage their worries. Sean also helped to relieve mounting stress so that students could perform better in examinations and enjoy their lives more fully. Many who met with him said they felt calmer and more focussed on the days of their examinations and that there was less of a sense of dread.

As well as working with students, Sean has provided inset to Howell’s pastoral staff to share with them the benefits of his tapping technique. We all found this most informative and helpful.


Sean’s manner of working with others and his belief in them helps to improve their self-esteem as well as confidence. I highly recommend Sean to anyone who wishes to learn more about the support strategies he offers. He will do his utmost to help you unlock problems and move forward with your wellbeing.



Natalie Chyba Deputy Principal

Howell’s School  


I am a competitive rider and owner of a young dressage horse with serious potential. At 17, I was a ranked senior rider, on national competition level. As a horsewoman I have been paid to train, compete and produce competition and problem horses. I have been taught by some of the best in the business. However after going to university, being out of the training and competition routine for a number of years, I have found that my competitive confidence has been seriously affected.

After just one session with Sean I am able to relax, focus and believe in my ability, which naturally is fed down to the horse. My fear that embedded itself in one particular and seriously dangerous experience disappeared. Now in training I have felt a significant progression.

I am now ready to hit the serious competition circuit again and my aim-with Sean’s help- is to get back on the national ranking lists again by summer 2010.

I can say without question that EFT is an effective way to overcome fear and anxiety.

Vicky SempleDirector – Spot On events & communications



Sean Grey and EFT have proven to be an invaluable weapon in the sales training armoury for Real Radio

Real Radio is the market leading radio station in South Wales and has the hugely successful sales operation that goes with it

We are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the game and reinvent the success we achieve so consistently

Once a certain competency is achieved, most sales peoples results are determined by their view of themselves and how they do the job. The ability to open and close sales, negotiate and even find new business is a question of how you think about it, and then what you do about it, rather than anything else. EFT helps to improve that view, reducing negative and destructive thoughts in a simple and quick manner

In the current climate – attention to the psychology of selling is more important than ever, and keeping yourself focussed yet relaxed, upbeat yet calm, and able to see through the many distractions we face every day and stay fixed on the end result is crucial

If you think you are holding yourself back in this way – give EFT a try! You never know, it may change the way you think about yourself and your business and career for ever

Tony Dowling – Station Director Real Radio Wales

Following the EFT session with Sean we saw a 300% increase in successful calls, and this followed just one session. Whether it is personal or professional, I believe Sean’s work can deliver fantastic results.”

Mia Mc Carthy Brewer Account Manager Real Radio


EFT is a simple yet powerful technique which can unlock the potential in any sales person. The secret is how EFT helps disable negative thoughts and builds a solid foundation of belief.”

Dave Quinney Key account Director Real Radio


“I had an overwhelming fear of failure and a feeling of dread as my ‘A’ levels approached. Following a number of sessions of EFT with Sean I was able to plan my work, absorb the information and view the exam as a challenge not a threat.”

R Grey 2nd year Accountancy student at Cardiff University


General health and well being

“Sean introduced me to EFT a short while ago and already I have benefited from it, both mentally (coping with stress) and to my amazement physically – I have been able to eliminate severe back pain”

Jane Sinclair (Member of B.B.C. National Orchestra of Wales)

“I was unable to sleep for 11 weeks after a freak climbing accident where I smashed my knee into a rock face. Each night I would relive the trauma of when I slipped, the image wouldn’t leave me. Incredibly after only one session of EFT with Sean I was able to sleep. It was truly a life changing

Mark Newbold Senior Corporate Fund Raiser for MENCAP U.K.

A few months ago after my cataract operation, I was left with a painful weeping eye. Following a ten minute session with Sean and EFT, the pain and the weeping eye were both gone”

Beryl Grey Cardiff

“If you had told me before that “tapping” would elevate the pain in my back I would have dismissed it. However having been to see Sean for one session only, I can honestly say that this particular therapy has made a significant difference to both my mobility and my previous ‘blinkered’ view on alternative therapy.

Barbara Mullings Cardiff

“I must confess to a fairly sceptical approach to EFT, but after only a very short and unexpected introduction to the technique, I experienced a great change in my life and general well-being. Life has become much easier, less stressful and tiring.

R J Cardiff

“After suffering a lifetime of past family trauma finally thanks to the amazing power of EFT, I am free! I’ve gone from the sceptical to the fully converted.

M Hackett Cardiff

I found using EFT before my A levels helped ease the stress and allowed me to go into the exams feeling calm and with a clear mind.

R G Cardiff

I couldn’t sleep at night, experienced regular hot flushes. I tried various ways to control it nothing worked. I had a couple of EFT sessions from Sean and remarkably I have not suffered any hot flushes since.

Mrs J T Cardiff

Sean as you know, I flew to Edinburgh and back last week, my first flight for 23 years. EFT has clearly been a success. Sincere thanks for all your help.’

Gareth Jones Cardiff