How to help the Scaredy – Cat . . !

Overwhelm and Panic days before and exam released . . . in minutes!

It was  Ryan’s second year at University. In the first year he cruised by, just doing enough work to get through. This year he decided to apply himself to try and get a reasonable degree. He put the hours in studying and was feeling in control and confident. However, five days before his exam he suddenly found himself panicking and feeling overwhelmed. When I spoke to him, the strongest negative emotions were: ‘Have I done enough work and am I doing the right work?’ Also, because a sudden mist was clouding his judgment he found it difficult to process the information when studying. This added to the pressure as the clock was ticking, it seemed that time had found a new sponsor, Usian Bolt, as it was racing by!

Stress had activated the fight or flight or freeze response with Ryan. Scientists have show that there is a part of the brain called the amygdala, which acts like our gatekeeper, always on the look out for danger. When it senses a threat, it sends signals to our pre-frontal cortex (the creative problem solving part of our brain) which the prepares us for action, its role is of course is vital to keep us safe.  However, the problem is over time the amgdala has become a bit of a Scaredy-Cat and will often send of the alarm thinking it’s seen a Sabre Tooth Tiger, but in reality, it’s the long shadow of a kitten chewing on a stick !

It’s not the gatekeepers fault! Studies have shown that trauma, (past bad experiences), are stored in the brain this has affected his decision making and he is unable to distinguish between a real or perceived threat. Also, as this negative vibration cannot be shifted by rational thinking and willpower, when nerves strike and students like Ryan are gripped by fear, the consequences are often disastrous!

This is where I am able to help. The technique I use, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping can be used to focus on that negative vibration and calm the body’s nervous system.

This what I was able to do with Ryan. We focused on his fears, self doubt and anxiety and by tapping the body’s acupressure points, the physical and emotional stress literally was released from his mind and body. Feeling calmer, lighter and more optimistic he was able to use that rational thought. With a clear head, he realised he had in fact done a lot of revision and with five days left to the exam, still had plenty of time to prepare. Also, this session took about twenty minutes and was done over the phone!

Ryan went on to get a good degree and is now working with one of London’s finest banks. The only real stress he experiences now is the price of pint in the Capital City!

For those who would like to take exams full of confidence and without fear!

I have just published an ebook ‘Freedom from Exam Stress’

The book helps students with the pressures and challenges they face in the build up to and taking exams. The book includes chapters on how to overcome procrastination, pre-test anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, perfectionism, the fear of public speaking and many more subjects. The book also includes ten custom made audios that students can use even as they walk into the exam room to help keep them calm and focused. Also, there is a ten minute video explaining this wonderful technique.

My book is a result of all of my experience, not only with pupils taking exams but also, the musicians, singers, actors, sportsmen and women that I have helped over the years produce their best effort under pressure.

If you would like to take a look at my book, here is a link to my home page where you can download a free sample. I also have a 2 min video where I talk about the challenges and solutions  students face when taking their exams:  

If you would like to get instant access to my book, the audios and video if you enter the code: student20 you can buy the book for 20% discount (offer until the end of April 22)! This link is for my sales page.

I am excited as myself and the book are featured in the Western mail. Here is the link:

If you find nerves have been getting in the way of you producing your best effort in exams contact me on and we can arrange a free 15 minute consultation. This is a great opportunity for you to tell me your particular challenges, I will then say how I can help!

Contact: 07818851643

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