Cricket Bowling Yips: A dramatic change – too good to be true?


“There are many stories in sport and life of hero to zero and often the fall is dramatic. Mine is not! 

At the age of 58 I had been playing cricket at club level for 44 years. A sport that is a passion for me which has been passed on to my sons.

As on off spinner I had experienced all the highs and lows one would expect but with the passing of times what was once automatic just started to stop. My ability to bowl had gone! Even pitching the ball on a straight line was impossible. Every batsman had suddenly become better than me ! Match day was a time for total neurosis and dread. Even on the pitch I wanted to hide and felt I had no right being there.


 ‘The go to bowler had become a nostalgic burden on the team and then inevitably a spectator’

Countless videos from YouTube reading and training yielded little return.

I had to face it I had the yips ! Somehow over time the connection between mind and body needed to bowl had been damaged I presumed irreparably.


On yet another search for a solution on YouTube l stumbled across Sean. So I decided to contact him. 

Through the initial conversation he was able to articulate the problems I had in very simple terms and through EFT began to address them. If nothing else the tapping points created a tremendous sense of well being but the accompanying statements led to a conscious and well as subconscious reflection on my part. 

I felt better! Not just in the moment but ever since. Close friends and family have commented on my change of mood unaware of my work with Sean. More especially I felt joy for the first time in ages. Worth more than any game with a ball and stick!


The next bit reads like it has come from a comic but is true. An opportunity to play arose so what better way to test my progress?

‘Nerves were replaced by excitement and calm’

 I followed the techniques taught by Sean. Firstly nerves were replaced by excitement and calm. Then came the moment of truth. Bowling to a man on 71 who hit 7 sixes already is daunting but our joust lasted 2 balls before he was out. Two more team mates fell in the next two overs. Hearing a team mate shout “He’s back !” was a very emotional experience.

This seems dramatic and too good to be true so I’ve included this link to the score card – as you’ll see I was last choice to bowl because of my collapse in form!

Higham CC, Yorks



I cannot thank Sean enough he created the “change I wanted to see “ (ghandi). 
His easy friendly manner helps you open and enables him to make accurate and insightful analysis that works.

I’ve started to work with Sean on my batting now – I look forward to seeing what happens.”


IF you’re struggling contact me for a FREE initial consultation on 07818851643 or message me at 

This is you’re opportunity to enjoy playing again

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