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You have trained all of your life for this one moment . . . all you want is to do your best!

If you want to have the edge on your competition, you don’t want them to read this . . .

A number of Canadian athletes- favourites for medals- had their dreams crushed at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Millions of pounds were spent on preparation, families, coaches and athletes dedicating themselves to this often once in a lifetime opportunity. Yet they failed- were they victims of the pressure of expectation as the home country? Was there more they could have done?

How do you deal with pressure whenever you have the opportunity to showcase your talent?

With elite athletes/performers it is recognised that champions are those who are mentally strong under pressure, seemingly fearless in the moment. An essential part of the preparation for competition is the development of mental toughness.

At times however even with the finest preparation the occasion can prove too much for an athlete, and the destructive power of negative emotion can sabotage their performance. Feeling overwhelmed, trying too hard, their balance and rhythm often goes, muscles tense up and a once in a lifetime opportunity has turned to dust.

What if there was a way of dealing with the negative emotion, lessening it, even erasing it? A remarkable new relaxation technique EFT can incredibly do just this.

Imagine what a difference this would make to your performance using a simple technique that can be used just when you need it, to deal with the destructive power of the inner critic and help you feel calm, focused and optimistic.

Used alongside conventional sports psychology, EFT can give athletes the edge they are looking for.

‘Tapping’ helps an athlete become World Champion

The most high profile athlete to use EFT is Rens Blom, 2006 World pole vault champion from the Netherlands. His coach Jan Scholtes used EFT in preparation for the World games.

Jan asked Rens to make a note of any self defeating negative thoughts he was aware of during his preparation, the results were:

  • Uncertain about what pole to use
  • Focusing on negative headlines in the newspaper before he had even competed
  • Worrying about the weather, poor weather conditions made him irritable

During the World championships in Helsinki, the weather was poor, unsettled, and stormy. When competing Rens was able to use EFT to help him stay in the moment, trust himself and focus on putting all of his energy into each jump.

The other competitors were distracted and complained about the weather, Rens knew he had an advantage and his confidence grew.

He became World champion and for his coach it was proof of what is possible when the mind is free.

Time to suspend your belief systems

Incredibly EFT can erase negative thinking (self doubt & anxiety). Those self defeating thoughts that at times seem to be around 24/7 can be erased by tapping with your fingertips on key points on the face and upper body.

It may sound a little new age but tapping is helping free soldiers returning from war zones from PTSD, thousands of people around the world from phobias and is about to revolutionise performance levels for those athletes, players and performers who are opened minded enough to try it.

I have used EFT to help many of Wales’s top musicians and sportsman and woman consistently achieve peak performance.

How will you cope the next time your confidence and self-belief is put to the test?

Maybe, follow World pole vault champion Rens Blom’s example and use a simple technique to explore what’s possible when the mind is free?

Take a look at how good you can be

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