There is no magic cure for nerves . . . is there?

What if such a technique does exist?

Would you like 2023 to be the year when you were able to finally take a look at how good you could be? Do you feel you have always had the drive, talent and the commitment to practise, but get frustrated when an opportunity arrives to prove yourself and feelings of self doubt and anxiety sabotage your performance?

If you about to perform at an audition, take an exam, give a talk, or about to play a crucial tennis or golf match. How do you feel? What are your dominate thoughts, are they positive or negative?

If in those circumstances your mindset is negative, you feel nerves are closing your mind and body down and you are not going to be able to play or perform anywhere near your best. You have tried conventional ways of dealing with stress, deep breathing, positive affirmations etc, but when it comes to the time to perform, you still feel tense and fearful, this could be to the most important article you have ever read!

If there was a magic cure for nerves, every one would use it!

Top athletes, golfers, tennis players, footballers and their managers with all the resources available to them. If they felt there was a simple technique they could use to give them an edge, help them win that elusive gold medal, grand slam, open championship or premiership title, of course they would use it.

And if there was a simple way to help musicians, actors and singers perform on stage with no fear, imagine the difference that would make to their lives?

At one time people thought the world was flat
What if such a technique does exist? What if the power for us to erase negative emotion instantly has always been there, literally at our finger tips and all we needed is for someone to show us how to use it?

5,000 years ago, physicians mapped out the centerpiece of acupuncture, namely the subtle energies that run through our bodies. These energies are the also the centerpiece of EFT.

EFT or ‘tapping’ is a form of acupuncture without needles. It involves tapping on various parts of the body whilst focusing on the problem. As we tap the level of negative emotion settles and is often cleared. It may seem a little wacky but it is a simple, safe, powerful technique that has dramatically changed the life of many performers, it could change yours.

At one time people thought the world was flat, Christopher Columbus helped prove it otherwise. History has shown us that it often takes overwhelming evidence or a powerful experience to change people’s minds.

EFT practitioners around the world are constantly challenging conventional beliefs, by using this remarkable new energy therapy to help free people from fears and phobias, often in just hours/minutes.

The pressure of a great opportunity 

A little while ago I worked with a talented pianist who was in his second year at a music college, he had qualified to perform in the final of prestigious completion in just a week’s time.

Recently whilst playing in concert he had a panic attack and froze, was unable to play and had to walk off stage. The pressure to do well was effecting him so much, he was physically unable to practice. He heard of the work I have been doing helping free musicians from performance anxiety and arranged an EFT session.

The areas we worked on were the fear of failure, letting himself and parents down and the embarrassment of having to walk off stage. We were able to deal with the memory of that past performance and the fear of the up and coming competition.

Once the destructive negative energy was cleared, he regained his confidence, was able to practise and the next week played well in the final and was thrilled to have won 2nd prize.

For some performing seems effortless, for others it can be hell

When under pressure some performers are able to free themselves from negative thoughts, focus on the present, trust themselves and just play. Many performers/ players however will find it difficult to achieve that level of belief as the negative thoughts enter their mind and trigger the body’s fight or fight response. This is where EFT ‘Tapping’ can help?  

In future articles I would include tapping scripts that are specific to the particular challenges we are working on.

I hope it helps and you discover a new found freedom and remember this is just the start!

Is there a magic cure for nerves?

If the answer to this question lay in results. A simple technique that can free a young musician from stage fright must be worth a try.

I welcome any feedback on how you got on and suggestions of any emotional issues/challenges in your life you would like me to cover.

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