Golf Yips Origins – Solutions

"No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear" Edward Burke There is a real mystery around yips in sport: Where do they come from? Is there a cure? A number of players suffer with yips, ranging from professionals to high handicap social players. There Read more [...]

Cricket ‘yips’ A player returns from six years in the wilderness to enjoy playing again

Yips the silent destroyer - when your life changes overnight! *George played cricket since the age of 6, County level all the way through the age groups – As a talented fast bowler he is offered a pro contract and becomes a key player in the team. At age twenty he has his first class Read more [...]

Cricketer free from bowling yips

Photo by Mohammad Jobaed Adnan "An action that at one time seems easy and flowing can suddenly become a nightmare" Paul is captain of an over 60’s county cricket team who regularly plays on the weekend. He is the all time leading wicket taker at his club. The 4th game of the season he Read more [...]

A pool player gripped by ‘yips’, back enjoying playing again . . . in a matter of weeks!

 When fear stops you playing the sport you love . . .

Tony, a pool player had risen to become a regular and relied upon team member at his local club in only a couple of years. The game and the team became a big part of his life and yet all of a sudden he struggled to play freely.

Each shot Read more [...]


This is a chapter from my new book: ‘Freedom from Exam Stress’
Having to get up and speak in front of others is possibly one of the major dreads that people face around the world. The fear of being judged by others, making mistakes and being embarrassed, Read more [...]