Stage Fright?

Simply free from . . . stage fright

Suffering with stage fright is a taboo subject for many musicians, singers, actors and performers. Struggling with nerves can be seen as a sign of weakness. With little effective help available, (until now), many artists dread performing and take beta blockers or drink to survive a performance.

Article featuring Sean helping performers deal with Stage Fright

Article featuring Sean helping performers deal with Stage Fright

“ I suffered with stage fright for over twenty years, following a number of sessions with Sean I am finally free to enjoy playing again.” Jane Sinclair premier 2nd violin BBC National Orchestra for Wales.”

Does this sound familiar?

You have done your warm up and relaxation exercises, your deep breathing, whatever routine you use to prepare yourself and you still feel racked with nerves. Before you play these thoughts are running through your mind: the fear of failure, being judged, letting yourself and others down. Your mouth is dry, you find it difficult to focus, you feel sick, your muscles are tense tight possibly shaking. Would you like help to keep you calm, relaxed and focused and learn to enjoy playing again?

The Problem

When an artist is about to perform, often their biggest challenge is dealing with the emotional pressure of the occasion. The fear of failure, letting themselves and others down, the pressure to perform, self doubt anxiety etc.

Sean helps drummers deal with the crippling effects of nerves

Sean helps drummers deal with the crippling effects of nerves

These negative emotions are stored in our sub conscious, often outside our awareness and under pressure trigger the fight or flight response in our body: feeling sick, dry mouth, muddled thinking, tense tight muscles, possibly shaking. Conventional ways of dealing with stress, such as deep breathing, positive thinking, visualisation and more practise, often struggle to deal with the body’s physical response to fight or flight. The Solution

This is where I can help. EFT deals with the power of the sub conscious mind. The beliefs and programming that often runs our life, for example, self doubt, anxiety, poor performances from our past experiences, self sabotaging thoughts. EFT uses the body’s energy system to erase negative thinking. Once the negative and limiting belief has been cleared, positive affirmations can more effectively take hold, the competition has been eliminated and is therefore easier to accept how we really want to feel.


EFT or tapping is a form of acupuncture but instead of using needles we tap on the established meridian points on the body. The technique is simple safe, powerful and can be used subtly just when you need it. Also you don’t have to believe in it for it to work!

A Dramatic shift in performance

EFT is certainly a different approach, and perhaps that’s why it may be sometimes difficult to take seriously. However, performers often experience a dramatic shift in the way they feel when they elect to try it. Stress can cause a disruption in the body’s energy system – like a boulder blocking a stream – and when the stress is cleared by tapping, the energy like the stream, flows freely again. EFT provides artists with the opportunity to keep calm, focused and perform without fear.

“ Sean has really helped me in becoming more confident performing. Confidence can make or break a performance, I have always suffered with pre-performance nerves that sometimes used to effect me, not now! After two sessions with Sean I have seen a huge difference. The beauty of EFT is you can do it yourself before your sing. I have recommended lots of performers to Sean because this is a great, safe and feel good remedy to a very common problem” Georgina Jones (Professional Singer)

Win! Win!

Many performers are reluctant to focus on negative thoughts, feelings and sensations, instead trying to force their attention away from them. The problem with this is the negative vibration is still there and interfering with your ability to give your best. EFT can be used to clear this interference, leaving your mind free to commit totally to the performance and enjoy it. Using EFT can help create a win/win situation, that will help you enjoy whatever challenge you have before you, regardless of the result, whilst helping you consistently play/perform to your potential.

New Age Technique

I hope the work I have done helping free musicians, singers and actors around the country from performance anxiety has shown there is help for those who struggle with lack of confidence and nerves. Once you get over the small hurdle of thinking I am writing this from my ‘New Age’ tepee on the top of a mountain, then you may be ready to achieve your dreams.

If you feel as though you need help to help to free you from your fears, contact me for a free initial consultation by phone or email on 07818851643 or