Testimonials Performance


“Sean has really helped me in becoming more confident performing. Confidence can make or break a performance, I have always suffered with pre-performance nerves that sometimes used to effect me, not now! After two sessions with Sean I have seen a huge difference. The beauty of EFT is you can do it yourself before your sing. I have recommended lots of performers to Sean because this is a great, safe and feel good remedy to a very common problem.”

Georgina Jones, Singer


“Using EFT has made me even stronger mentally. It’s reassuring to know that if I feel there are any barriers appearing before a match, I can just blown them away. EFT allows me to focus on whatever it takes to play my best tennis . I am beginning to feel, there are no limits to what I can achieve.”

Niall Keegan (age 16) Welsh Champion under 18 singles & doubles


“My personal gain from using EFT is two fold: Firstly, I feel I have become a better teacher. Learning the technical side of golf is of course essential. However, to be able to play your shots under pressure requires the ability to keep calm, stay in the moment and play each shot as well as you can. I feel I have a greater understanding of how I can help my pupils achieve this.”

Simon Swales , Golf professional – Radyr golf club


“Sean’s manner of working with others and his belief in them helps to improve their self-esteem as well as confidence. I highly recommend Sean to anyone who wishes to learn more about the support strategies he offers. He will do his utmost to help you unlock problems and move forward with your wellbeing.”

Natalie Chyba, Deputy Principal – Howell’s School  


“Following the EFT session with Sean we saw a 300% increase in successful calls, and this followed just one session. Whether it is personal or professional, I believe Sean’s work can deliver fantastic results.”

Mia Mc Carthy Brewer, Account Manager – Real Radio

General health and well being

“Sean introduced me to EFT a short while ago and already I have benefited from it, both mentally (coping with stress) and to my amazement physically – I have been able to eliminate severe back pain.”

Jane Sinclair (Member of B.B.C. National Orchestra of Wales)