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  1. Giridhar Kalupukuri says:

    I am a club cricketer in the USA suffering from Yips. It all started in July, 2017 (spring season, 2017). I was the best bowler of the league for that season and suddenly I experienced Yips for the first time while I was playing a game. I bowled well in the next game and then again I experienced Yips.

    During the same year, fall season, few games were ok and few games were not. I took off completely from bowling in the entire 2018 season (both spring and fall). I slowly started bowling in 2019 Spring and experienced Yips again in one game. After that I changed my bowling action and I did not experience the Yips the whole year. We didn’t play cricket in 2020. I started well in 2021 and all of sudden experienced Yips again in the game yesterday.

    I am clueless as to why I am having this issue. I gave up coffee because I thought caffeine was probably making me nervous. I was very relaxed yesterday but I still had Yips. I had good games here and there after the 2017 season but I do not think I am bowling anywhere close to what I typically bowl in practice or how I used to bowl before.

    I think at the release point, I am having doubts whether or not I will be able to bowl the ball and I mess it up. I bowled very weird either pitch outside the mat on the ground or bowl above the batsman’s head.

    I want to get this over with. Cricket is my passion and I do not want to give up my game because of this. I feel very embarrassed and humiliated. I am looking forward to your help.

    • admin says:

      Hi Giridhar,

      I would like the opportunity to help you.
      What you are experiencing is more common than you would imagine.

      From my experience of helping a number of cricketers it is often not a mechanical problem, it’s just past bad experiences trigger the body’s fight, fight, freeze response to stress. The technique i use releases the ‘trauma’ stored in the body allowing you to access your talent.

      We can arranged a zoom session if you like, the session will normally last around an hour, in that session you can tell me more about your challenges, I can then say how i feel i can help.

      If that sounds okay lets arrange a day/time that is good for us both.

      I look forward to speaking soon.


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