From Tears to Joy on my driving test

“Thank you!! I almost cancelled my driving test today due to extreme nerves and anxiety. I had an awful mock test in the morning with several serious faults due to not being able to think straight or trust in myself. My instructor and I decided we’d give it another go, just before the exam, and if I did as badly we’d call it. I had an hour to prepare. I was very emotional because it meant so much to me.

Tapping helps release the fears

I remembered how well EFT worked for me, for something else, in the past so did a search on YouTube and am so relieved I found your video. I did have to repeat the “I still have the feeling / fear of failure” a few times, because my core beliefs had quite a hold on me … But it worked really, really well. I felt completely calm, capable and in control in the next mock and in the test I went on to do. My instructor said the difference in me was like night and day (I’d left the car in tears after that earlier mock). I’ll do this EFT before heading out for drives for a little while until I no longer need to. Just incredible.”

The video that can help you feel calm, focused

“Anyone stumbling upon this video 10 years after it was posted … Do yourself a favour and give it a go. If you find your rating isn’t coming down enough, do the cycle again, as many times as needed. It took me three or four goes of the “it’s still there” bit but then the score did dramatically drop… Even more so after the next bit. Trust the process.” Louisa Mills 
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