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Exam Stress – The complete bundle

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Product Description


Learn a simple three step process designed to calm the body’s nervous system.

The customised ‘Tapping’ scripts included help you to overcome common challenges, such as:

  • Pre-test anxiety
  • Procrastination
  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Perfectionism
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Pressure of a great opportunity
  • Controlling your emotions
  • Fear of the unknown

Learn subtle tapping points that can send calming messages to the brain – as you enter the exam room and even whilst taking the test!

If you have found through your life that nerves are an obstacle, take this opportunity to experience what you can achieve in life when your mind is free.

When purchasing the book you also receive:

Complimentary 12 Audios retailed at £4.95

Twelve audios, taking you through the technique designed to release your negative self-defeating thinking (self doubt-anxiety). Once you feel calmer and more relaxed we use performance psychology to help create the ideal mind-set.

The audios are ideal to help you prepare for your exams as they address the many barriers that arise along the way which create anxiety and frustration. Also, due to their subtleness, you can listen to them whilst walking to the exam room, helping you to produce your best effort, just when you need it.

10 minute video which is also retailed at £4.95 saving a total of £9.90!

The ten minute video is a great opportunity to be guided through the simple three step process. It is a process which can be used to focus on the destructive negative emotion (self doubt and anxiety) and erase it.

Stress often triggers our body’s fight or flight system. Conventional ways of dealing with this, such as deep breathing and positive thinking often have little effect. Tapping can be used to calm the body’s nervous system. In the video, I demonstrate how the revolutionary method of dealing with stress actually works.