EFT can be helpful at every stage of breast cancer, from the shock of diagnosis – through distressing body changes like hair loss, anxiety about the effects on family, the physical side effects of treatment – to the fear of the cancer returning and what the future may bring. It can be very helpful when the treatment ceases and visitors feel they are on their own.

EFT is ideal for helping to reduce a persons focus on their body and future in a negative way. By dealing with the emotional burdens of the past as well as fear and anxieties for the future, EFT assists in promoting a feeling of trust and wellbeing.

With EFT I always start with where my client is at the moment. What negative emotional and or physical barrier is getting in the way? How would they like to feel? The use of EFT helps to knock down barriers and assist people in worrying less about the past and the future; I often find people are able to live in the moment and focus on what they can control and how they want to feel.

I also teach people affected by breast cancer to use EFT themselves so they can use it at home, just when they need it.

I have worked as a therapist for Breast Cancer Haven since it opened in 2015. In that time I have hosted Welcome Days, talks to Health Professionals and many one to one’s with the visitors. Over the last year I have taken weekly online zoom  group sessions.

Here are some of the common challenges many of the people I see struggle with:

Emotional/Physical challenges I can help with:

  • Losing control – the confident person who was once in control of the house, family, their career are often left feeling traumatised by the diagnosis and treatment
  • Emotional distress. Constantly stressed, feeling weak, helpless, lost, often putting on a brave face, working off a reserve tank of energy and therefore easily knocked off balance
  • Worrying about every ache or pain
  • Emotional stress: shock, fear, guilt, anger, sadness, anxiety, panic, self-pity, grief etc
  • Finding it difficult to ask for help. Unable put themselves first by sometimes saying ‘no’
  • Negative body image

By helping individuals release not on the past, but also their fears and worries about the future, it brings to the surface the essence of them; their talents, strengths and spirit. This allows them to take small positive steps along a new path, enabling them to feel optimistic and excited about the future.

“The EFT sessions with Sean have been fantastic – I really feel I have a tool to help myself with stress and to be calm and positive. Thank you for being here.” Kate

EFT Video to help people who struggle sleeping

I’ve had 3 sessions of EFT from Sean, results absolutely – amazing. Helped me cope with bereavement, guilt and sleep. I have had terrible pain in my ankle for 2 years and just doing EFT has taken most of the pain away. Brilliant!” Sue

EFT video to help deal with Uncertainty

If you are looking for breast cancer support, I’m here for you. Please contact me at or call me on 07818851643 for a free initial 20 min consultation. 

Case Study by Sara Gohl who is now an ambassador for Breast Cancer Haven

“My life was great. I had a wonderful husband, son, family and friends. My business and career that I had worked so hard for had really taken off. I was travelling the world for business and pleasure and living my dream, until one day that dream came to a grinding halt when I was given the life changing news that I had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, aged just 34.

Shock, terror and sadness were among the main emotions that I felt and for the first time in my life, my life was out of my control.

Then, via Breast Cancer Haven, I found EFT a technique (that I had never heard of before) which I soon discovered could give me back some control and enable me to address the strong emotions that not only were as a result of my diagnosis but that I soon discovered had stemmed from childhood. It uncovered things I didn’t even know was taking up space in my mind. EFT is powerful and provided me with great comfort during this challenging time.

EFT gives you the ability to take control of your mind and thoughts, challenging them, addressing them and releasing many negative aspects and emotions, leaving you with a sense of calm and a clearer head.

I also discovered through EFT that I am a very anxious person which was only highlighted through my diagnosis. I used the EFT therapy sessions to address some of the key areas of my anxiety and with great results. I was even more delighted to learn that you can take away key EFT affirmations from the sessions and practise them yourself at home, giving you reminders that you are in control and you can address the negative or worried thoughts that enter your mind, especially during treatment when you are not feeling yourself.

Well, I am now a full supporter and advocate of EFT and can’t believe it has taken me until my diagnosis of breast cancer to discover this amazing technique. I promote it to all my family and friends, and to others that I have met along this journey in the hopes it will help them, like it has helped me. Such simple techniques that, given the time to practise them, gives you great reward. For me EFT has certainly helped with putting mental health on the map.

I am genuinely overwhelmed by its power and the difference it makes. It is a tool for life and will be essential with assisting me getting back to the life I had before cancer and enabling me to carrying on living that dream.”