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Wales Online Article: Tapping into confidence to ease students’ exam nerves

Article featuring Sean helping students deal with the pressure of taking exams

Article featuring Sean helping students deal with the pressure of taking exams

I’m sure many of us have suffered with test anxiety at some stage in our lives. Taking exams is bound to be stressful because of what’s at stake as well as the pressure from families, schools and universities for us to succeed. Fear of failure, letting yourself down, not feeling good enough or worried that you’ll miss out on a college or university place, a job or a career move all add to your anxiety.

With so much at stake, many students are in a constant state of stress so that taking exams can be a serious stumbling block. No matter how prepared students are or how hard they study, the pressure of exam conditions can make them crumble.

Feeling overwhelmed, trouble sleeping, migraines, headaches, poor appetite, increased anxiety and irritability . . . and that’s just the parents!

If you are preparing for exams does this sound familiar?

Procrastination Difficulty starting work and always finding something else to do. The constant putting off of studying results in a build up of pressure and stress.

Overwhelm As exam time approaches, doubts and fears begin to surface. Worrying about not having done enough work, running out of time, feeling tired and stressed.

Panic attacks The pressure to do well and not let yourself down. You are beginning to panic as you find yourself having to continually go over your notes because the information isn’t going in. Thinking back to those times when you’ve struggled in exams with your hands trembling and your mind going blank, worrying that it may happen again.

“Sean’s manner of working with others and his belief in them helps to improve their self-esteem as well as confidence. I highly recommend Sean to anyone who wishes to learn more about the support strategies he offers. He will do his utmost to help you unlock problems and move forward with your wellbeing.”

Natalie Chyba Deputy Principal  Howell’s School

Perfectionism The fear of failure, never feeling good enough and a constant desire to look good in the eyes of others. As the exams approach, you sense the pressure building, especially as you dread putting yourself in a position where you may fail.

Taboo subject Suffering with nerves can be a taboo subject for many students, as admitting to self doubt and anxiety can be seen as a sign of weakness. Many students don’t know how to cope with stress and their teachers are often unable to help pupils deal with negative emotion. This often leads to frustration and unfulfilled ambition.

Conventional ways of dealing with stress include developing good study habits, exercise, trying to keep a positive attitude, eating well and trying to sleep.

All of these can make a difference, but when someone is feeling anxious and their nerves turn to fear this can cause a problem.

“We have found Sean to be a most supportive and effective professional who has made a recognisable difference to the way some of our students now manage their lives. In particular, he has worked with KS4 and KS5 learners who have been struggling to deal with the pressures of taking GCSE, AS and A2 examinations. He has offered both individual and group support tailoring his provision to the needs of the students and the situation. The most common scenarios have been those where learners have felt overwhelmed by anxiety, perfectionism, panic attacks and delaying or avoiding work and study. He was most successful with his tapping technique, giving students a specific focus to help them manage their worries. Sean also helped to relieve mounting stress so that students could perform better in examinations and enjoy their lives more fully. Many who met with him said they felt calmer and more focussed on the days of their examinations and that there was less of a sense of dread.”

How Can I Help

I use a remarkable new energy therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It may sound a little Californian Tree Huggy but it can be used to reduce and even eliminate test anxiety before and during exams. EFT or tapping is a form of acupuncture but, instead of using needles, we tap on the well-established meridian points on the body. When someone is feeling anxious, their nervous system is firing off. EFT can be used to focus on the negative emotion and clear it instantly, leaving the student feeling calm, relaxed and able to focus.

Here are some of the positive benefits people I’ve worked with have experienced following just one session of EFT:

  • A peaceful night’s sleep
  • Feelings of overwhelm and dread cleared
  • Relief from physical symptoms of stress (muscle tension in chest, shoulders, arms, neck, stomach etc)
  • Appetite restored
  • Clear head, free from worry

A Dramatic shift in performance

EFT is certainly a different approach, and perhaps that’s why sometimes it may be difficult to take seriously. However, people often experience a dramatic shift in the way they feel when they elect to try it. The technique is simple safe, powerful and can be used subtly just when you need it. Also you don’t have to believe in it for it to work!

It may seem like I am writing this from my New Age Tepee on top of a mountain, but I’m sure in the near future EFT will be the main technique used by students for performance excellence. A simple technique that can erase negative emotion (self doubt and anxiety) give you instant freedom from stress and can be used subtly, just when you need it, must be worth a try.

How can I speak with such certainty? Because I’ve been fortunate enough to have transformed many performers lives. I understand the problem and have the solution. The only question is, if you are studying for exams and are looking for something that will help you get the grades you deserve, are you open minded enough to try it now?

Give it a try, you have nothing to lose but your fears!

If you feel as though you need help to free you from the stress and worry of preparing and taking your exams, contact me for a free initial consultation by phone on 07818851643 or get in touch with me by email at sean@confidenceontap.com


Ps: Sean is featured in the Spring 2012 edition of Ladies First magazine Overcoming Exam Terrors, helping students deal with the emotional pressure of taking exams.