Working with me

Imagine how it would feel to be able to perform on a stage, in a test or a sports arena without fear ?

Would you like 2024 to be the year when you were able to finally take a look at how good you could be? Do you feel you have always had the drive, talent and the commitment to practice, but get frustrated when an opportunity arrives to prove yourself and feelings of self doubt and anxiety sabotage your performance?

If you are about to perform at an audition, take an exam, driving test, give a talk, or about to play a crucial cricket, tennis or golf match. How do you feel? What are your dominant thoughts, are they positive or negative?

If in those circumstances your mindset is negative, you feel nerves are closing your mind and body down and you are not going to be able to play or perform anywhere near your best. You have tried conventional ways of dealing with stress, deep breathing, visualisation, positive affirmations etc, but when it comes to the time to perform, you still feel tense and fearful – I can help!

I use a remarkable new evidence based practice called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which can be used to reduce and even eliminate self-doubt and anxiety . When someone is feeling anxious, their nervous system is firing off. EFT can be used to focus on the negative emotion and clear it. With your mind clear you are more able to focus on how you would like to play/perform.

Working with Sean

We can work together one-to-one over the phone, Zoom or Face Time to help you to experience:

  • Relief from physical symptoms of stress (muscle tension in chest, shoulders, neck, hands, stomach etc)
  • Trauma from past performances released
  • A peaceful nights sleep
  • Clear head, free from worry
  • A Dramatic shift in performance
  • Feelings of overwhelm and dread cleared

We begin with a free 20 minute consultation. You can tell me about your challenges, I can then let you know how I can help. If you are happy we will book our first session.

The session is 60 minutes long to give us enough time to learn more about you and start working together to achieve positive shifts for you straight away.

Custom made recordings (are in addition to our session) to help build on the work we’ve done that day and help accelerate the positive change.

Further support sessions, are ideally spaced 1-2 weeks apart, although we plan this to suit your schedule.

How many sessions? It’s common for people to have between 4-6 sessions to help release underlying fears, worries, that sense of dread. Break that negative cycle and allow people to finally enjoy living in the moment and access their talent – a talent that often feels lost!

As well as receiving guided EFT support during our sessions, I will tutor you in this technique so you will feel confident to use it as a self- help tool yourself- as a bonus I will send you a customised recording to help build on the work we did in the session! How wonderful to have an answer to stress and anxiety literally at your fingertips!

In between all your sessions you are welcome to email me directly whenever you need further support or have any questions about using EFT by yourself.

My fee is £60 per session.


“After suffering for over twenty years with stage fright, thanks to Sean and EFT, I am finally free to enjoy the job I love.” Jane Sinclair –  Premier 2nd violin B.B.C National Orchestra for Wales

‘Hearing a team mate shout “he’s back!” was a very emotional experience.’ Ged Cricket bowler who suffered with yips. 

“EFT has worked its magic again, thanks Sean I am beginning to feel there are no limits to what I can achieve.” Niall Keegan – Welsh under 18’s Tennis Champion

“Working with Sean and EFT has been a revelation being able to take the power out of the negative emotion.Simon Swales – Golf Professional

“Hi Sean, big turnaround last night! I went to watch my team play a match and got thrown for a frame late in the game- no prep and played well!” Pool player who suffered with yips

“After two sessions with Sean I have seen a huge difference. The beauty of EFT is you can do it yourself before you sing. I have recommended lots of performers to Sean because this is a great, safe and feel good remedy for a very common problem.” Georgina Jones – Professional Singer

“Before I started working with Sean exams were an extremely stressful, anxious time for me. I would do all of the revision, but when it came to the exam I would panic and forget everything. I had previously tried several techniques such as breathing exercises, though none worked as successfully as EFT. Tapping allowed me to express my concerns and to work through them. After my sessions with Sean I was able to enter exams with a calm, clear head. This is what allowed me to gain my excellent results in the end.”  Carys Grieve

“I was slightly skeptical when I read the article in the ADI News, but am always open to trying new techniques to help my pupils be successful. After speaking with Sean, I felt it would benefit two of my students  in particular. They were both fully capable of passing but failed twice because of nerves and and they were both excited to try something new. The results were fantastic and speak for themselves – one pass with one minor and one pass with two minors. I found that both students were much calmer in the hour before their test.They were ecstatic and hugely complementary about Sean and the tapping exercises. Thank you so much!” Nicola Wilkins – Toads School of Driving

For some performing seems effortless, for others it can be hell . . .

When under pressure some performers are able to free themselves from negative thoughts, focus on the present, trust themselves and just play. Many performers/ players however will find it difficult to achieve that level of belief as the negative thoughts enter their mind and trigger the body’s fight or fight response. This is where myself and EFT can help.

Take a look at how good you can be

  If you are open minded, find that nerves often get in the way when you are under pressure and would like to develop you mental strength, contact me now for a free initial 20 min consultation.Email me at or phone 07818851643  

Give it a try, you’ve nothing to lose but your fears!