How to be the best you can be

“Dream big, shine brightly and dare to fail” 

This surely must be a goal for so many people, to be able to take a look at how good they can be?

In this post I would like to focus on how I can help you on your journey to contentment.

How about my journey, have I felt that I have achieved my potential? Early in my life playing sport, which was and still is my passion, I would have to say no. I used to get nervous under pressure,  I competed at a reasonable level of rugby, athletics and tennis. At times I had a glimpse of what it was like to play without fear, but all to often my performance would be sabotaged by stress.

Me and Rudolph

Before a rugby match I would often have that feeling of dread and wish I was somewhere else. It didn’t help that we played on a Saturday and as a teenager I would be going dancing at the Top Rank in the evening . My number one priority for the match would be – not to get my nose bashed! As you can imagine most Saturday evenings I would be dancing (if you could call it that), to the latest Tamala Motown tunes, with a nose glowing like Santa’s favorite reindeer.

In athletics my nervous system would be firing off so much before a race, I wonder how I was able to find the energy to get around the track. And in tennis when playing a crucial match my muscles would get tense, my thinking go fuzzy and all I would be able to do is steer the ball and hope my opponent was more nervous than me . . . it doesn’t sound like a natural path to greatness!

What would I have given to have been able to have used a technique that could have helped me consistently play to my potential? If nothing else, it could have protected my nose and helped with my dancing!

No Fear

In his book No Fear legendary golfer Gary Player talks about what it takes to be  a champion. Gary (winner of 18 Major championships) reflecting on his life’s experiences says:

Everyone has nerves. So in a sense, all of us are potential chokers. Some just choke less than others. But what is it that separates those that rise to the challenge and those who crack under pressure? The conclusion that I have come to is that  a player has no greater asset than the power of his mind. The mind is what makes you a superstar, and what your mind feeds you will determine the outcome.”

If you are someone who would like to rise to the challenge under pressure, this is where I can help. EFT is one of the few techniques that can that can clear the negative distractions that can determine the outcome of a crucial putt in golf, a last minute place kick in rugby, a solo performance on stage, or the driving test you need to pass to secure a job.

Success Story

Jane Sinclair, a violinist with the BBC National Orchestra for Wales suffered from stage fright for over twenty years. The muscles in her hand would get tight and she feared dropping the bow. Knowing there was a slow piece of music coming up she would dread her hands shaking. Playing a solo with the focus of attention just being on her would send her heart pounding and muscles tighten. Jane also relied on beta blockers to get her through a performance.

I started working with Jane a few years ago and after 3 or 4 sessions she was able to risk coming off beta blockers. Jane said “It felt liberating, finally I could walk on stage full of joyful anticipation and trusting that it would be okay.”

She was able to enjoy playing again and because of this new found freedom take on more challenging roles.

When you find your wings

Jane began playing solo’s, and earlier this year played a concert with a piece of music that had all the elements that would challenge the nerve of any musician. A combination of slow, manic pieces with quite endings. The concert was over two evenings.The second evening Jane phoned me twenty minutes before the concert was due to start. She had played well the night before but felt her heart beginning to race and was concerned that this may develop into a problem and sabotage her performance and asked if I could help.

We tapped on the strongest negative emotions, which were, the fear of failing and letting herself down.

The session lasted about ten minutes. Jane contacted me after the concert saying “I don’t know what I was worrying about, I played even better than last night, many many thanks for your help. Every time I overcome a hurdle I seem to get stronger and the job gets easier.”

Jane went on to lead the Orchestra playing solo’s on their two week tour of North Wales. She is a great example of how EFT can liberate a performer, help them enjoy themselves and play to a level they previously never dreamed was possible.

In my story with Jane, hopefully, I showed one of EFT’s greatest assets when working with artists in their pursuit for excellence, is its capacity to deal instantly with any emotional or physical challenge that may present itself.

The inner voice

Once the negative chatter of the inner voice is silenced the power of the performers mind can be focused on producing their best effort. Many talented performers  probably seldom get the chance to see how good they can be, as the grip of performance anxiety colours their life and expectations.

Jane, a talented musician, practiced and played music through her life, for many of those years  her mind and body was sabotaged by stress. Was she able to be daring, bold, play with freedom,excitement, test the boundaries we all to do to improve? No, for twenty years her challenge was simply to survive a rehearsal or practice session and not drop the bow!

The First Step

EFT can help performers make that crucial first step. It can be used to free the artist from their life long fears and enjoy playing again.

Once an artist has taken that first step, in their quest to improve and grow they will encounter the emotional challenges of stepping out of their comfort zone. As their improvement is recognised they may be asked to take on more challenging roles. This is where EFT is again so effective, as it can be used to knock down any barriers that may surface.

The night of the concert when Jane phoned me with those feelings of self doubt, because of her regular use of EFT we were able to instantly change the way she felt.

Control the power of the mind

Gary player wrote about the power of the mind and how this can determine how well you can do under pressure. My work with many performers has shown that EFT can control the power of the mind. In minutes I was able to change the focus of Janes mindset. I can do the same for you. If you would like to give EFT a try watch my short video where I demonstrate the tapping points. If you feel it helps and would like to finally take a look at how good you can be contact me at for a free initial 15 minute consultation.

I wasted a lot of nervous energy, and spent far too much time being fearful over the years. If you are ready to experience the joy of competing / playing without fear . . . get in touch now, you don’t have to waste time struggling.

Over to you, what have been your experiences? Can you relate  to my story? What have you tried  to release those fears that hold us back and has it worked? I welcome your feedback, leave a comment let me know what you think.


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