Is this the most powerful video on Youtube?

‘Gangnam Style’

Of course this is a big call. Firstly, how do you measure the power of a video? Is it by the way it inspires you? Maybe makes you laugh, cringe or cry? For most people, the duration of our reaction and the lasting effect it has on us tends to be very similar. We watch ‘Gangnam Style’. We laugh for abut 3:20 minutes. Potentially replay it (and maybe replay it just one more time because it is actually quite funny). Then we largely forget it.

There is a video however, that can literally change your life. Imagine something that has possessed you for years. Something that you almost gave up on because pursuing it was emotionally draining. It affected your health, cost you a fortune and no matter how hard you worked, the result was always the same – failure and heartache!

Also, imagine the video that can help deliver your dreams . . . is just 6 minutes long!

A sorry tale

Emily had failed her driving test eight times. She had a history of failing tests, not because of an inability to drive, but because she suffered with panic attacks. As soon as the test began, she would shake, hyperventilate, cry, and find it difficult to concentrate. Even the thought of a driving test would bring on feelings of sickness and anxiety. It also began to affect her confidence in other areas of her life. The knock from a series of failures caused Emily to doubt herself in situations in which she had previously felt secure and assured.

Emily decided she could no longer put herself through the physical and mental stress of it all and the cost of failing driving tests resulted in the decision to take a break from driving.

Fresh hope . . . crushed!

Two years on, she decided to give it another go, booking lessons with a fantastic instructor who had just put her sister, through her test. The instructor restored Emily’s belief in herself and her driving. Nervousness, no longer seemed to be an issue, so the test was booked.

The day before her test she took a mock test. Less than a minute into the drive, the anxiety took control. At the first roundabout after leaving the test centre, the instructor had to apply the dual control brakes. She was heart-broken that once again, nerves had got the better of her. Those all too familiar demons came creeping back.

Emily barely slept that night and felt sick. Any time she thought about the test her heart would start pounding and she would burst into tears.

Ninth time lucky

On the morning of her test in a desperate search for help, Emily came across my website and rang me. She had resigned herself to failing the test later that day, but was looking to book a session with me before her tenth test.

When I spoke with Emily she was really emotional, the dread of what was to come later in the day was obviously overwhelming, I was due to see another client in a matter of minutes so in the meantime I suggested she watch my Youtube video: Calm your driving test nerves using EFT – Tapping’ and I would speak to her later that day just before her test.

eft-tapping-diagram4This is Emily’s account of that day:

“Sean spoke to me (and put up with my sobbing!) and calmed me down, even offering to talk me through an EFT session over the phone prior to my test. Before leaving my house I went through Sean’s YouTube video three times. The difference in my whole physical demeanour after only six minutes was incredible. The first time I tried it. I went from feeling out of control, to mildly confident. The second time I tried it, I felt almost calm, and after the third time the nerves were at the back of my mind.

True to his word, Sean phoned me half an hour before I was due to take my test, and as I spoke to him, he talked me through the test as I was sitting in the car. He made me feel at ease and ready for the test, as well as giving me the confidence to try again if I didn’t succeed.

With Sean’s help, I drove towards the test centre cool, calm and collected, and reassured that I would not panic. All anxiety was lifted. I sailed through my driving test, completely in control of myself and the car and aware of everything going on around me during the test. When I passed, I did shed a tear, but it was definitely a happy one!

I cannot thank Sean and his video enough, his understanding and patience, as well as clear skills (or perhaps magic…!) have helped me to FINALLY get onto the road. I will wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who suffers with anxiety. It is a relief to know how to finally deal with it, and not allow it to take over my life anymore.”

An all too familiar story

A tale of a person capable of passing their driving tests but, at the crucial moment being sabotaged by nerves is probably a familiar one. Living in constant dread and spending a small fortune on more lessons with no guarantee of success!

If only there was something out there that could help . . .!!!!!

What do you think? What has been your experience? Do you believe this can work? Is this video a contender for the top spot? Or should I urgently learn the dance routine to Gangnam Style? Let me know what you think. Leave a message at


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