This is a chapter from my new ebook: 'Freedom from Exam Stress' CHAPTER 8 OVERWHELM – HOW TO CLEAR THE MIST Have you ever felt overwhelmed in the build up to your exams? The feeling can come at any time, often when the days are running by and it seems like you have a mountain to climb. You have Read more [...]

EXAMS: How to defeat the number one saboteur . . . Procrastination!

This chapter is from my new ebook: Freedom from Exam Stress CHAPTER 6 PROCRASTINATION – BREAK THE CYCLE! Procrastination is probably the one area that students find creates the most stress and frustration when preparing for their exams. Does this sound familiar? You have a project, the Read more [...]

YIPS – Help from a Parallel Universe!

Scott Boswell was a cricketer at the peak of his career. His bowling through a cup competition helped Leicestershire get to the 2001 C&G final at Lords. This was his time to shine. After just two overs, his career was finished! The occasion got to him, yips had taken a fatal grip on his mind Read more [...]

The way out of a slump for a player, is literally at the end of their fingertips!

What is a slump? For many players they would probably say: “Something at one time seemed so easy, now seems really difficult and the more I try the worse it gets.”  Sports psychologist, Bob Rotella, at the Scottish open when asked to comment on Rory Mcllroy missing the cut said: “It’s a very Read more [...]

Step out of your comfort zone . . . if you dare!

How to make the step Comfort zones are of course very powerful, we all have them. It is often where a person feels they belong. To step out of that zone will raise the anxiety level, because of this many people stay within that zone, as it seems safe. Highly successful people often step out of their Read more [...]